Radio Berkshire Peach QuestPeach Quest was excellent fun. We formed a team made up of Rotarians Bruce Irvine and Zoe Lattimer from Easthampstead, Norman Lattimer from Reading Abbey and Dave Donaldson from Bracknell and called ourselves Rotary MAD (Making A Difference). We met Andrew Peach at the Radio Berkshire Studio in Caversham and started the Quest. We were given the first clue and had to direct Annuska in a car driven by Roger to where we thought the clue led – the Fox and Hounds in Theale. Annuska found the 2nd clue and we set about solving it. We sent them the wrong way first but then, with help from people phoning in, we corrected it and directed them to Tadley Rugby Club for the next clue which we solved. This sent them to Kingsclere for the 4th clue which enabled us to send them to Newbury Corn Exchange. Here they got the 5th and last clue which we solved quickly and sent them to Newbury Race Course. We were please to have solved all 5 clues within the time limit but we just missed finding the Peach by 11.00! We had gone to car park 1 and it was in car park 2! However, it was a great experience and helped publicise Bracknell Rotary Club. Photograph with Andrew Peach (far right).